The Avalox/AVX brand has been around for several decades, and is most famous for its high quality professional blades, used by several former world champions. Avalox/AVX produces high quality professional products, commissioned by the Chinese National Team. Unlike some of the other major brands, who make quality products, but mass produce them, Avalox/AVX makes small runs with tight tolerances.

Avalox/AVX blades are being used by several members of the World Champion Chinese team, including Wang Nan, multiple World- and Olympic Champion. Avalox/AVX is a cut above - at the same price as consumer products.

Avalox AVX has further diversified into a range of professional table tennis rubbers as well, with some unique properties suitable for a wide range of players and styles.

With experts including former world champions and super stars as their consultants PLUS many years of experience and research, their table tennis products could be the answer to upgrade your standard of play.